is an extended family operation. 

They have facilities in CT and AZ.  They also go by the name of Trailer Worx, in AZ.
And, They are very talented at making a good looking web sight.


The Business License for Costal Marine Gangways in AZ is in the name of Justin M Jeffers; phone 623-387-5144.  Last Business Address in AZ is 1424 E Broadway Rd, Phoenix, AZ  85040. 
Justin is a 21 year old helper.  The man running the business is James Allen Tatler; Email address is and  Mary Ann Mazza; Phone 843-694-8424 is the secretary and Scott Hodgkinson; Email  

If you have been ripped off by these people please contact The Office of the Arizona Attorney General, public advocacy & civil rights division. Case # CIC 12-06495. This is an open case reviewing both Civil and Criminal Felony charges.

I entered in to a contract with Trailerworx to build a custom trailer Dec 2011. I was assured by Jimmy Allen by phone that he would get to work on the trailer first thing in Jan 2012. We had many phone and email conversations over the next five months. There was always an excuse but no trailer was ever built.

Trailer Worx did not receive a license from the Arizona Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division to distribute or sale to the public until April 5 2012.

It is a federal crime in AZ to enter into a contract that you know you cannot legally execute.

A letter from J Jeffers to the Office of the Arizona Attorney General, dated Aug 12 2012 he wrote that “Material he purchased was not cut or altered for his unique trailer build. We agreed to make installment payments which we have done so already to clear up this issue. We came to a solution that works for both parties.” No work was done to make a trailer for more than five months. When they say no refunds and no time limit they actually don’t plan to do anything.

The agreement, by phone with Justin Jeffers was, a refund of $100.00 per week payable on the first of each month until the $1918.00 deposit was fully refunded.

I received two checks for 175.00 dated 7-22-12 and 8-15-12 The checks were from a Chase account # 021100361-973783038

The checks stopped coming but not the phone calls. Justin would call to tell me that they had sent another check but none ever arrive.

The whole extended family run an elaborate con job. They will tell you anything but everything is a lie. They have perfected this operation and are very good at it.

I have filed in small claims court and sent the summons by registered mail. They declined the mail; it is obvious that this is not their first summons. I let the suit laps as they promised to refund my deposit.

They work behind closed and locked doors, The windows are tinted to screen some one from knowing if they are there. They know that if you cannot serve a summons they can avoid most court orders. I would not expect them to comply with a court judgment and will probably end up putting a lean on the business.

I am told that they have a new contract with a government agency. Most agencies will not do business with a company that may have a felony conviction. If anyone knows the government agency they should be advised and consider pulling their contract. 


What is the best agency to deal  with tax fraud?  Trailer worx does not charge tax on the deposit. When the work is never done and there is no refund , this becomes free monies that are not declared to the AZ tax or the federal tax. This business has all the makings of a money laundering system.

There are many sights on the internet, under;  ripoffreport/, leaning, the hull that have posted complaints about CMGANGWAYS practice of taking a deposit and never doing the work or refunding the deposit. I am sure that these are only a small portion of the people scammed by this business as most just give up and accept the loss.

Jimmy Allen Tatler will tell you that they do not give refunds because they use the deposit to order the materials for the job. If they were really making something they would be able to use the materials on  another job.